Burrata: creamy delectableness

There's no other cheese quite like burrata. With a fresh creamy filling of mozzarella curd and cream inside a ball of soft, solid mozzarella, burrata is a beautiful double bill of cheese heaven. Burrata means "buttery" in Italian, and it's hard to think of another cheese whose name so perfectly nails the description of its taste and texture. When you cut into these plump white orbs and spread the slowly seeping creamy center onto a crusty slice of warm bread, you know for sure you're living life right.

How to serve burrata

You can enjoy this artisan cheese on its own with a sprinkle of salt, a drizzle of olive oil, and slice of soft bread to scoop up the creamy goodness. Like mozzarella cheese, burrata goes great with fresh thick-sliced tomatoes and basil leaves. Sautéed eggplant and veggies, lemony fava salads, and juicy late-summer peaches are all better with a bit of burrata. And while it's not really a pizza cheese, you can drop a few dollops of burrata on your ‘za just before it's finished for an unbelievably creamy taste bonanza.

How to pair burrata

Light-bodied Italian reds and zippy whites are the perfect complement for burrata – try sangiovese, montepulciano, valpolicella, or sauvignon blanc. And if you're pining for a pint, light beers and hard ciders are burrata's best drinking buddies.

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FAQs All About Burrata Cheese

What is burrata?

Burrata is a form of fresh, semi-soft Italian cheese that features a solid outer shell of mozzarella that's filled with rich, thick cream combined with mozzarella curd.

How do you store fresh burrata?

Burrata can be stored tightly wrapped in the refrigerator for a few days. It is ideally served at room temperature, and once it is cut, should be eaten immediately.

What's the difference between burrata and mozzarella?

Burrata and mozzarella are both types of fresh cheese made from the milk of cows and both are initially produced by kneading and pulling the curd to give it a stretchy, elastic texture. Burrata, however adds an additional step – when the cheese is still hot, it's formed into a pouch and filled with bits of leftover mozzarella curd and fresh cream to create a creamy center.

Why you can count on a Wisconsin burrata

When you think burrata, you think Italy, naturally. But when you buy burrata, think Wisconsin. Burrata is one of the world's most perishable cheeses – it's best eaten on the morning it's made, or within a day or two after. So, importing burrata from Italy? That's a no go.

That's why our cheesemakers decided to take farm-fresh cow's milk and create our own Wisconsin-style burrata – which is every bit as fresh and creamy as its Italian cousin.

That's just the way we think about cheese in Wisconsin, where 175 years of tradition is paired with the most innovative cheesemaking in the world. But don't take our word for it – our 5,552 cheese awards speak for themselves, and for our Master Cheesemakers, who are trained right here in Wisconsin in the world's only Master Cheesemaking program outside Switzerland.

So next time your taste buds are burning for burrata, make it Wisconsin – the state of cheese.

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