Wisconsin Cheese Gift

A Wisconsin cheese gift is the easiest gift to give

Whether you're looking for a way to say "Happy Birthday", "Happy Holidays" or just "I care enough to give you food I hope you'll share with me", there's nothing more appropriate than a Wisconsin cheese gift.

Browse the online aisles of our many cheesemakers and cheese sellers and you'll find more Wisconsin cheese gifts than you can even imagine. From seasonal cheese baskets to chunks of rare specialty cheese, Wisconsin cheese gifts make it easy to get your gift shopping done in just minutes.

After all, who wouldn't be thrilled with a Wisconsin cheese gift featuring some of the best cheese in the world, straight from the farm of an artisan cheesemaker? Nobody we know – or want to know.

Wisconsin cheese gifts: a sampling

There are endless ways to give a Wisconsin cheese gift. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Cheese and sausage basket. This Wisconsin cheese gift features blue ribbon Wisconsin cheeses like cheddar, baby swiss, colby, and smoked gouda. Throw in some Wisconsin summer sausage and you're done.
  • Cheese, sausage, and crackers basket. Colby, baby swiss, summer sausage, and water wheel crackers – what more could anyone want in a gift?
  • Award-winning Wisconsin cheese basket. Mild cheddar, one-year aged cheddar, colby, and mild brick make a handsome and flavorful quartet of some favorite Wisconsin cheeses.
  • A nibbler crate. This sampling of greatest hits from Wisconsin cheese includes a sharp cheddar, a one-year white cheddar, colby, a smoked gouda, and a buttery edam.
  • A Wisconsin sampler basket. A five-year-old cheddar, Grand Cru reserve, BellaVitano Merlot, Blue Affinee, and a mini jar of honey offer incredible flavor combinations.
  • A bestsellers gift box. This impressive selection features a five-year-old aged cheddar, port wine cheese spread, a Sarvecchio double-aged parmesan, a white cheddar with cranberries, a morel and leek monterey jack, Marieke gouda, and Juusto Baked Cheese.

For individual Wisconsin cheese gift, a cheese from an artisan cheesemaker such as a triple-milk blue cheese, a butterkäse, a Cupola or a Liederkranz®.

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FAQs: What Wisconsin cheese gift is best?

What Wisconsin cheese gift is best for a pizza lover?

Wisconsin mozzarella is a natural gift for pizza lovers, but any cheese with great melting properties can make a terrific Wisconsin cheese gift. Think Wisconsin burrata, gorgonzola, romano, havarti,or even limburger.

What Wisconsin cheese gift goes well with wine?

Every cheese can pair nicely with wine, but choosing the right wine and cheese for a gift can be daunting. Think first about balance – big-flavored cheeses need big bold wines, while milder, lighter cheeses want lighter reds and whites. Also, consider contrasting textures – a bubbly sparkling wine can contrast a creamy cheese nicely, while a buttery white will nicely complement the crystalline crunch of a big aged cheddar.

What Wisconsin cheese gift should I give for someone who loves charcuterie platters?

A charcuterie platter wants a nice contrast of cheeses, including a hard cheese like aged cheddar, a semi-firm cheese like swiss cheese, a soft cheese like burrata, and a blue or smoked cheese for extra flavor.

Why a Wisconsin cheese gift is the greatest gift of all.

When you give a Wisconsin cheese gift, you know you're gifting the best cheese on the planet. Our cheesemakers have won more awards – 5,552 to be exact – than any other state or nation, and they produce more flavors, styles, and varieties – 600+ and counting – than anywhere else in the world.

And we're pretty serious about quality in Wisconsin – that's why we're the only state that requires all cheesemakers to have a license. And because we have the only master cheesemaking program in the world outside of the one in Switzerland, every master cheesemaker in America calls Wisconsin home.

So, when you're handing a loved one a Wisconsin cheese gift, you don't have to worry about whether it's good enough. You can just enjoy the look of elation on their face, and the smug feeling that you've just won this year's contest for the best gift given.

Craving award-winning aged cheddar, pining for parmesan, or searching for a new cheese to try? The world’s best cheese is just a click away! Explore our directory of Wisconsin cheesemakers and retailers who offer online cheese shopping and get cheese shipped right to your door. What are you waiting for?

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