Dunbarton Blue

Fourth-generation Wisconsin cheesemaker Chris Roelli is the man behind this potent yet approachable blue that eats like a brilliant aged-cheddar. Dunbarton wheels are pierced with blue mold and immediately pressed. The end result is a cheese with the bite and flavor of a patiently-aged cheddar and teases of delicious blue veins. In other words, it’s a blue you can safely sneak onto a blue cheese hater’s plate. Trust us: even the most hardcore blue skeptic in your life will love the earthy, slightly sharp Dunbarton Blue.


Ivory with just the right amount of stunning, greenish-blue veining


Bites like an aged-cheddar with a naturally edible rind


Sharp, creamy and unforgettable


Cheese Image

Performance Notes

Eat within three weeks for optimal enjoyment and always serve at room temperature.

Pairing Notes

We like to pair aged cheddars and blues with back-slapping beverages. You know, drinks that are hearty, a bit sweet and never snooty. With Dunbarton Blue, we’ll often pour brown ale, porter, stout, amber ale, or, if you’re more into wine, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, barrel-strength bourbon or port.


Dunbarton is a friend to cheese aficionados of all stripes, so we serve it solely as a table cheese to begin or end a meal or as a stately snack. We often pair it with sweet and tangy chutneys, crusty artisan breads, marinated mushrooms, candied walnuts, bacon-wrapped dates, thinly-sliced pears and dried Wisconsin cranberries.