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The Harvest 2023 Issue

Sublime Harmony

Like a maestro uses music to compose a symphony or a sculptor handles clay to mold a masterpiece, our artisanal cheesemakers use cheese to create their delicious works of art. The State of Cheese celebrates the Picassos of parmesan, Monets of muenster and more with its inaugural Art of Cheese Festival this fall. Learn from experts about the skillful art of affinage, how to cook with your favorite fromage and exciting ideas to craft the perfect cheese board. Plus, serve a seasonal medley of savory and sweet bites starring expertly aged cheddar and apple goodness.


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Aging Gracefully

Like a fine wine, bourbon, balsamic vinegar, your favorite pair of jeans and Grandma’s cast-iron skillet—cheddar cheese gets better with age.

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The Art of Cooking with Cheese

Cheese attributes like acidity, moisture, textures ranging from soft to hard, and flavors from mild to sharp assist the artist behind the apron in determining the right cheese to make any dish a standout.

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The Art of Affinage

The world’s most distinctive cheeses—many handcrafted in Wisconsin—share a common trait: a strong finish. Affinage, the final step in the cheesemaking process, is the art of aging cheeses.

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The Art of the Cheese Board

Channel your inner Michelangelo and sculpt an edible work of art with the world’s best cheeses—from The State of Cheese.

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The Art of Pairing Cheeses & Cocktails

As a great concert soloist can make a performance memorable, a fantastic cheese shines on its own. But accompany it with the symphony of flavors in a harvest sangria or brandy old-fashioned, and you have a delectable concerto.

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The Art of Crafting Cheese

Cheese is their canvas; your enjoyment is their muse. Meet three Wisconsin cheesemakers who are painting a new picture of artisan cheeses.

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How to Host a Winning Thanksgiving Feast

Bring on the award-winning flavors of 2022 World Championship cheeses in stunning side dishes that’ll ensure a remarkable Thanksgiving feast.

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Let's Get Cookin’!

Let us introduce you to the 2022 World Championship Cheese Contest Best of Class winners with side dishes that will transform your Thanksgiving feast into a chef d'oeuvre. Turn to our harvest recipes inspired by the famous cheese artists and their creations featured at Wisconsin’s Art of Cheese Festival.

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