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When Heat Meets Sweet

May 23, 2024

When Heat Meets Sweet
Embark on a flavor journey that blissfully starts with specialties like cheddar, blue and gouda. But what’s that tingle on your taste buds? Pops of habanero, peperoncini and jalapeno peppers were skillfully added to the cheeses by innovative cheesemakers. Savor them in grilled creations showcasing summer’s sweetest and freshest ingredients, specifically chosen to complement, contrast, amplify and balance these spicy sensations for a harmonious tasting experience that beckons another bite.

mango fire cheddar stuffed chicken

Ignite your taste buds with Henning’s Mango Fire Cheddar, adorned with fruity bits and fiery habanero peppers. Fresh mango salsa amplifies its sweet notes and cools, while a sweet-and-savory glaze on the chicken bridges the flavors together.

Make it: Mango Fire Cheddar-Stuffed Chicken

wildfire blue and berry glazed salmon salad

Carr Valley Glacier Wildfire Blue™ is a delectable symphony of mild blue notes and peperoncini, ensuring a pleasant kick. Tame its peppery flame with seasonal sweet berries and salmon, dressed in a vibrant honey-citrus spiked vinaigrette.

Make it: Wildlife Blue and Berry-Glazed Salmon Salad

sweet and spicy chili steak salad

Marieke® Gouda Jalapeno features velvety, buttery gouda with a bite of spicy jalapeno peppers. Cooling counterpoints like buttery sweet corn, creamy avocados and yogurt dressing complement the cheese while balancing the heat.

Make it: Sweet and Spicy Chili Steak Salad


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