Cheese Wedding Cakes: Slices And Suds

January 17, 2020

Cheese Wedding Cakes: Slices And Suds

Let’s face it, ladies: when it comes to wedding planning, you run the show. But a new tradition is on the rise that gives the groom his moment to shine. Introducing the groom's cake.

For the Boys

We’ve seen all sorts of groom’s cakes – from a frosted miniature of his home team’s football stadium to a sugary replica of R2D2 – but in our humble opinion, nothing compares to our beer-inspired cake of cheese

Like a man cave in cake form, the groom's cake  gives guys a chance to express their own style on a day normally dedicated to all things frilly and feminine. 

Crafted with a stout-bathed Wisconsin wheel and other out-of-this-world local cheeses, surrounded by the ultimate spread of guys’ night snacks, and decked out with beautiful hops arrangements, this groom’s cake is fit for a king.

Keep it wheel

As good as this cake looks, what’s inside the wheels is even better.

We selected each cheese with a beer lover’s taste in mind, drawing on some of Wisconsin’s most iconic creations to build a true showstopper. After all, no one knows how to bring cheese and beer together quite like a Wisconsinite! 

Antonella Pepperoni & Marinara – Blaser’s

Creamy, semi-soft Antonella is a small batch, artisan cheese known for its killer flavor infusions, and Blaser's Pepperoni & Marinara masterpiece is one of our favorites. Grooms, think of it as a classy way to sneak pizza into your wedding reception. This beautiful, crimson-tone wheel looks incredible as the crown jewel of your cake, and pairs perfectly with your favorite pint – whether you like a strong IPA or a no-frills Pilsner.

Sid's Bahl Baby Swiss – Carr Valley

You can think of this sweet, nutty baby swiss as “something borrowed” on your wedding day, since Carr Valley’s Master Cheesemaker Sid Cook has its traditional recipe on loan from the family who founded his factory.

This wheel’s butter yellow color is a gorgeous complement to the deeper tones of the other two wheels, and its friendly, crowd-pleasing flavor profile will keep the whole wedding party coming back for another slice.

Pair with anything that won’t compete with baby Swiss’ natural sweetness – from stouts and porters to saisons and lagers.

Valmy – Door Artisan 

This incredible cave-aged gouda is washed in a Belgian double chocolate milk stout, giving it an exceptional malty flavor and that incredible caramel hue. Master Cheesemaker Mike Brennenstuhl created Valmy in honor of the Belgian heritage of Door County, Wisconsin, where he made his mark with Door Artisan Cheese. This one’s a no brainer for a beer-inspired groom’s cake, and it pairs beautifully with Belgian ales (of course!), brown ales, and stouts.

Need a little guidance on bringing beer and cheese together in your own groom’s cake? Check out our handy Pairing Guide to find the perfect match.

Setting the stage

You can give your groom cake the fanfare it deserves with a few finishing touches.

Raise a pint. Sure, there’s already beer in the cheese, but this cake is not complete without a beer to sip with each slice. Make sure to include an ice bucket with bottles or go all out with a keg and decorative glasses.

Make it a full spread. Why stop at beer and cheese? Take this cake to the next level with pretzels, cured meats, dips, and some fresh curds. 

Hop to it. An arrangement of hops, greenery and fresh flowers will take your cake table to the next level of sophistication. The groom can consider other personal touches, too, whether he wants to throw in a family heirloom beer stein or photos with the groom party.

We hope this beer-inspired groom’s cake sparks some ideas for bringing a little Wisconsin sensibility to your own big day. After all, what better way to celebrate your love than with one of the greatest couples of all time – beer and cheese!


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