Cheese Wedding Cakes: Will You Brie Mine?

January 16, 2020

Cheese Wedding Cakes: Will You Brie Mine?

You know who are: a cheese lover extraordinare with a dream of the best cake ever. Wisconsin Cheese has just what you need.

Cheesy love story

Forget the presents, party games and even the champagne...the true star of the bridal shower has arrived. This adorable, miniature version of the cheese wheel cakes that have become popular at weddings here in Wisconsin and beyond is the ultimate treat for brides whose first love was cheese. 

Dressed up with fresh raspberries, pale pink roses, and set against a spread of delicate sweet treats, this tower of cheesy glory is an unforgettable and unique touch to add to any bridal shower. 

Wondering how to put it together? We’ll walk you through choosing your wheels, decking out the cake table, and adding finishing touches so you can make your cheese dreams come true.

Layer by layer

You can get creative with your own cheese choices or get inspired by our hand-picked wheels. We opted for these Wisconsin artisan cheese creations for their gorgeous colors and decadent flavors – but the beauty of a cake made of cheese is that you can customize to your heart’s desire.

President Brie – Lactalis

This delicate, classic brie is a staple for special occasions and an ideal topper for your cake. A soft-ripened cheese with a snow-white edible rind, President Brie is exceptionally rich, buttery and creamy – a taste of Paris made right here in Wisconsin with the world’s best milk. Champagne is the go-to pairing for brie, but you can also sip a soft and fruity red like Pinot Noir or an herbaceous, dry white like Sauvignon Blanc.

Monroe – Roth

We love this cheese for so many reasons. Named for the town in which it was created, Roth Cheese's Monroe is a luxuriously creamy wheel, as dense as fudge and marked by a gorgeous pink hue on its brine-washed rind.

Lovingly crafted by cheesemaker Madeline Kuhn, it’s the only cheese of its kind made in Wisconsin.

Enjoy it to the fullest with Chardonnay or a fruity IPA.

Penta Creme – Carr Valley

Carr Valley’s revolutionary five-cream blue cheese is next-level decadent. Earthy and rich with distinctive lactic notes, Penta Creme is best enjoyed with a heady dessert wine like port in the company of good friends. In other words, it was tailor-made for bridal showers.

Decked out

Dressing up a bridal shower cake of cheese is all about embracing your personal style. We went for a playful, feminine take, weaving in bright colors and even a cheese wedge carved into a heart shape. Here’s how we achieved the look:

Think pink. Garnishes like thin-slice salami, fresh raspberries and strawberries, and dried roses will all look beautiful against the light, airy colors of the cheese wheels.

Treat yourself. In lieu of a traditional cake, fill out your refreshment table with brightly frosted cupcakes, colorful macarons, fresh flower arrangements, and of course, some blush bubbly.

Start the party. Balloons in pink, silver, gold and white add to the festive mood.

Now that we’ve got your creative juices flowing, get creating! Start browsing wheels to dream up your own bridal shower case of cheese.


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