The Cheese Lover’s Guide: Intro to Grilling

June 10, 2020

The Cheese Lover’s Guide: Intro to Grilling

There are few worldly pleasures as satisfying as an afternoon spent grilling outside on a warm sunny day. Grilling is more than just cooking outside: the open flame gives your favorite veggies, fruit, meat—and, of course, cheese—a uniquely delicious flavor and texture you can’t get any other way.

Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a cheese lover looking to grill for the first time, we’ve curated our best recipes for every skill level and flavor preference. Grab your grill apron, and let’s get cooking.

Grilling Equipment Essentials

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s make sure you’ve got all the right tools for the job. Thankfully, grilling is quite simple and doesn’t require much in the way of tools. Here’s what we recommend:

Gas or charcoal grill: When it comes to ease of use, gas grills are no-brainers. Charcoal grills require a bit more practice, but are cheaper, get hotter, and give your food more natural smokiness. You’ll be happy to know you can get outstanding results with either choice of grill. For the purpose of our recipes, we recommend a gas grill, but you can effortlessly adapt them to charcoal grills as well.

A pair of tongs (or two): From flipping veggies to moving hot foil packets off the grill, you’ll be using your trusty pair of tongs nearly every time you touch the grill. Don’t forget to give your tongs a few test claps before stepping up to the grill. You know, just to make sure they still work.

Spatula: Whether you’re flipping burgers or just moving things around, keep your spatula close.

Instant thermometer: Measuring the temperature of your meat and veggies is the best way to know when they’re cooked perfectly and ready to enjoy.

Wire brush: Make sure to maintain your grill by cleaning the grate after each use. A simple wire brush will clean off any residue so you’ll be ready for your next grill sesh in no time. 

Aluminum foil: One of the best uses of a grill is foil packet grilling: think camping dinner, but elevated. Wrapping meat, veggies, and cheese in an aluminum foil tent is a great method to keep your ingredients away from direct contact with the grill surface, gently cooking them while imparting that perfect slightly-smoky scent of summer.

Burger Grilling

No backyard cookout would be complete without the smell of fresh burgers on the grill. Not only delicious, burgers are simple enough that even a grill novice can craft a restaurant-worthy plate. No special techniques needed: just simple, quality ingredients.

The easiest way to up your burger game? Wisconsin cheese.

Cheese acts like a bridge of flavor between the meat and all your other ingredients, adding a milky sweetness and enhancing the taste of every bite.

Our favorite burger recipes are packed full of delicious cheese, just ready to jump back on the grill to make a second round, these burgers will be gone before you know it.

Want to learn the secrets to grilling the perfect burger and picking the right cheese? Read our full guide to grilling burgers  and more. Here’s a sneak preview of the recipes in our burger grilling guide:

Burger Grilling Recipes

Foil Packet Grilling

As much as we love grilling, cleaning and prep can use precious time that you don’t always have. That’s where foil packet grilling comes in: just wrap your ingredients in foil and toss on the grill. It’s genuinely that simple.

Not only does this method save time, it’s also incredibly flexible; you can grill basically anything using this method.

Sick of chicken? Say hello to grilled lasagna and grilled stuffed peppers. Did we just rock your world? You’re welcome. Whether you’re making side dishes or the main course, we have two rules of thumb: 1) add cheese; 2) grill in a foil packet. Try it out and thank us later.

Ready to master the grill yourself? Then bring your appetite and read our full guide to foil packet grilling, We’ll cover tips and tricks to making leak-free foil packets, our favorite recipes, and more. Here’s a sneak preview of the recipes in our foil packet grilling guide:

Foil Packet Grilling Recipes

Veggie Grilling

Grilled veggies have played second fiddle to burgers and steak for too long. There’s a bit of magic that happens when you throw fresh vegetables on the grill. The heat and smoke softens the texture while gently charring the exterior, bringing out the best every vegetable has to offer.

Where does the cheese come in? Grilled veggies make an ideal companion to cheese. Stuff a tomato with mozzarella and mascarpone or get adventurous with some grilled Juustoleipa and a vegetable platter. The options are truly limitless!

Say goodbye to boring crudités and hello to a savory antipasto platter filled with smoky, melty cheese and a tangy vinaigrette. You’ll win over even the most die-hard carnivores.

If you follow a few basic rules, grilled veggie nirvana awaits. Read our full guide to grilling veggies, fire up your grill, and be prepared to be amazed. Our guide covers vegetable grilling techniques, do’s and don’ts, and our favorite recipes featuring Wisconsin cheese to get you started. Here’s a sneak preview of the recipes in our veggie grilling guide:

Grilled Vegetable Recipes


Turn up the heat this grilling season with our easy, cheesy grill recipes. From burgers to veggies and foil packet meals, this summer will be the tastiest one yet. Don’t forget to share your grilled creations with us on Facebook and Instagram. Looking for something to cook inside? Pick from our selection of over 300 recipes featuring Wisconsin cheese.


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