Founded in 2021 by Mike Harris and Josh Ptaszynski, THE BIG MOO specializes in baked cheese handcrafted using milk sourced from local dairy farms with happy cows. Fresh curds are pressed into slabs and baked until the outside turns a toasty brown reminiscent of crusty bread. This mild, buttery-flavored cheese is curd squeaky firm when cold but turns silky smooth when heated. Originally from Finland, baked cheese, also known as bread cheese or juustoleipa, is an American take on a Scandinavian favorite. THE BIG MOO is a versatile, vegetarian and keto-friendly cheese that is great on its own, skewered with vegetables on the grill, or dipped in jam as a breakfast treat. Working in partnership with a fourth-generation cheesemaker, THE BIG MOO comes in five unique flavors: Oh So Original; Bakin’ Bacon; Cheesy Pizza; Roasted Garlic, and the 2022 World Championship Cheese Contest (WCCC) Gold award-winning Hoppin’ Jalapeno. Grounded in a belief that good food brings families together, THE BIG MOO aims to share their love of baked cheese with the whole country.