Wisconsin Cheese Wedding Cakes

There’s a story behind every wheel of Wisconsin Cheese - and more often than not, it’s a love story. Celebrate your big day with an unforgettable centerpiece made from the first love of your life: cheese.


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The Groomsman Cake.

The Groomsman

Just like you and your fiancé, beer and cheese are the ultimate power couple, and this unique take on a grooms cake showcases everything there is to love about this perfect pairing.

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Antonella Fromaggio Pepperoni

A savory semi-soft cheese hand rolled in natural pepperoni and spices found in marinara.

Carr Valley Bahl Baby Swiss

Semi soft, sweet, nutty, and the perfect size to stack onto a cake.

Door Artisan Valmy

A beer washed rind cheese, with hints of the yeasts and malts emerging from the Trappist style beer.

Fresh Hops

Incorporate this cake’s beer theme into your décor by styling this cake with stems of fresh hops.

Pretzels and Sausage

Salty bar snacks, like pretzels and sausage, create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy this savory, beer themed cake.

Your Favorite Beer

The perfect pairing for Wisconsin Cheese, be sure to keep this cake close to the keg.

Cheese Curds

These snackable pieces of young cheddar complement this cake’s salty accompaniments and are easy to grab and go during cocktail hour.

The Bridal Shower Cake.

The Bridal Shower

Cakes of cheese aren’t only the perfect choice for wedding celebrations: they make the perfect treat for bridal and baby showers, as well.

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President Brie

Soft, creamy, and snow-white, this traditional brie is as decadent as it gets.

Roth Monroe

Named after the town where it’s made, this washed-rind Wisconsin original offers warm colors and a luxuriously creamy texture.

Carr Valley Penta Crème Blue

A revolutionary five-creme blue, crafted by Master Cheesemakers to be the most decadent blue available.

Mozzarella Heart

A heart shaped topper is the finishing touch any bride-to-be needs on her bridal shower day.


Complement this cake’s warm color palette with a row of salami rosettes.

Fresh Fruits

Add a pop of color and sweetness with bunches of fresh fruits, like berries or grapes.


This cake doesn’t need to replace dessert: Serve it as an appetizer and bring out cupcakes at the end of the event.

The Harvest Cake.

The Harvest

Bring the flavors of fall to your autumn nuptials with this seasonal masterpiece.

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Roelli Little Mountain

A traditional washed rind Alpine cheese made in the Appenzeller style with a creamy, nutty flavor.

Jeff’s Select Gouda

A firm, complex gouda with a vibrant orange rind, Jeff’s Select offers a nutty flavor with a hint of caramel.

Hoards Dairyman Bellaire

This Port Salut style cheese is easy to eat with a luxurious, creamy texture and subtle, buttery flavor.

Seasonal Topper

Set the perfect autumn scene with a topper made from wheat, figs and basil.


Add crunch, but keep it on theme, with a row of toasted or candied pecans.

Apple Cider

Pair this cake with an apple cider bar, either with or without alcohol, and don’t forget the apple cider donuts!

The Tropical Cake.

The Tropical

You can take the cheese out of Wisconsin, but the tropical fruits that garnish this cake can’t take away from the quality Wisconsin cheeses that make up its base.

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Cello Parmesan

A bold, nutty Parmesan with fruity flavor notes of crushed apple.

Carr Valley Crema Casa

An incredibly rich and flavorful triple-cream cheese with a buttery and piquant flavor.

Roth Canela

A Wisconsin original that’s hand-rubbed with cinnamon and paprika, giving in an alluring reddish-orange rind. It offers a mix of deep, intricate flavors — candied pineapple and brown butter, to be specific.

President Brie

Soft, creamy, and snow-white, this traditional brie is as decadent as it gets.

Dried Pineapple Slices

Dried tropical fruits, like pineapple, mango, pair great with a variety of cheeses and add a unique texture to the full picture. They’re also a great option if you’re struggling to find fresh fruits.

Star Fruit and Kiwi

Take advantage of seasonal or local tropical fruits for a pop of color and flavor.

Pineapple Topper

Crown your cake with a pineapple topper to be instantly transported to the island of cheese paradise.

Tropical Juices

Pair this cake with a selection of fruity tropical juices: passionfruit, pineapple and mango juice all make great sweet complements to these cheeses.

The Vineyard Cake.

The Vineyard

Wine and cheese are a match made in heaven, so bring the two together with this swoon-worthy vineyard-inspired cake.

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Sartori’s Merlot BellaVitano

This Wisconsin Original brings together the flavors of Parmesan and creamy Wisconsin cheddar, and the merlot soaked rind adds a warm violet color and the sweet flavor of Merlot wine.

Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve

An aged, alpine-style cheese made in the style of Beaufort and Gruyere. This cheese is made only in the summer months, and is considered the most awarded cheese in American History.

Door Artisan Roseate

Inspired by the delicate beauty of it's brightly colored namesake, Roseate is a creamy, Italian-style Asiago brined in red wine and lovingly cave aged.


Make a nod to the wine that inspired this cake with a topper made of grapes.


Soft, sweet figs offer a complementary color and flavor profile to this cake.


Add some contrast to a monochromatic cake by using ribbons or fabric with your wedding colors.

Glass of Wine

This cake isn’t complete without a bottle (or two) of your favorite wine.

The Wedges Cake.

Wedges of Love

Whole cheese wheels aren’t necessary to build this showstopping cake. Mix and match a variety of wedges and create something truly unique.

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Chardonnay BellaVitano

This Wisconsin Original brings together the flavors of Parmesan and creamy Wisconsin cheddar, and the chardonnay soaked rind brings a perfect pop of bright, oaky flavor.

Black Pepper BellaVitano

This Wisconsin Original brings together the flavors of Parmesan and creamy Wisconsin cheddar. This variety features a rind rubbed with black pepper.

Roth Prairie Sunset

Often described as a “cheddar-gouda” blend, Prairie Sunset® is made with the heart of the Midwest and offers a sweet, approachable flavor.

Jeff’s Select Gouda

A firm, complex gouda with a vibrant orange rind, Jeff’s Select offers a nutty flavor with a hint of caramel.

Antonella Fromaggio Garden Vegetable

A semi-soft cheese hand rolled in garden vegetable spices.

Antonella Fromaggio Sweet Basil

A semi-soft cheese hand rolled in sweet basil spices.


When serving a variety of different cheeses, keep accompaniments traditional and flavor neutral. Berries and grapes pair well with just about any cheese, making them a great option to serve with this cake.

Lazy Susan

Show off the colors and variety by building this cake on a spinnable lazy susan.

The Wisconsin Old Fashioned

The Wisconsin Old Fashioned

A cheesy take on Wisconsin’s iconic supper club cocktail, the Brandy Old Fashioned.

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Sartori Tennessee Whiskey BellaVitano

This Wisconsin Original brings together the flavors of Parmesan and creamy Wisconsin cheddar, and its whiskey-soaked rind is full of spirit and a smooth sweetness.

Deer Creek’s The Doe

A creamy, handcrafted bandaged-wrapped Cheddar marbled with intoxicatingly aromatic pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean.

Roelli Dunbarton Blue

A hand crafted, cellar cured cheese with the earthy character of a fine English-style cheddar, coupled with the subtle hint of blue flavor.

Oranges and Cherries

Create a nod to the sweet flavor notes of a classic Old Fashioned with the same garnishes as the drink: brandy soaked cherries and fresh oranges.

Old Fashioned Drink Station

Pair this cake with an old fashioned cocktail bar, as if there were any doubt as to what we’d be drinking at this wedding.


When did cakes of cheese become popular in Wisconsin?

The first cakes of cheese began popping up in Wisconsin about 5 years ago, but the trend has really come to light in the last 2 years and are only becoming more popular. Couples are able to see how they can feature cakes of cheese at their own wedding while still giving it their own personal style.

Do cakes of cheese tend to replace traditional dessert cakes, or are they typically served during cocktail hour?

It depends! Many couples don’t supplement the cake of cheese with additional desserts, but do supplement with dried fruits and crackers, etc.

Some couples also opt to create more of a grazing table, and they tend to have additional desserts of varying types (such as brownies, donuts, etc.).

What resources should planners seek out to help their clients nail serving a "cake of cheese" at their wedding?

We recommend working with a cheesemonger to help you cut and serve your cake of cheese properly and to enhance the guest experience. Some venues are not fully equipped to cut large wheels of cheese, and may not feel comfortable serving the cake to your guests, so be sure to check ahead and get a plan for your big day.

What are some challenges these cakes can bring to the planning process?

The biggest question to think through when planning for a cake of cheese is deciding how it will be displayed: Will the cake be placed on a stand? Does it need additional dessert plates and forks?

Also be sure to think through your plan for how to serve and cut the cake. Again, this is where a cheesemonger is a great resource-we highly recommend reaching out to a local cheese shop for help formulating a game plan!

What are some ways brides can incorporate a cake of cheese into their wedding aesthetic or use one to leverage current wedding trends?

Try coming up with a fun or unique way to display your cake of cheese, as well as a fun way to serve it. For example, try having mini cheese boards with directional tags at each place setting upon guests arrival, or building a beautiful grazing table during cocktail hour where you could pair different cheeses with different wines or signature drinks.

How should brides approach their wedding planners with this idea, what is the first step in bringing this idea to life?

The earlier you let your planner know that you’re interested in a cake of cheese design the better! Planners will be a great resource to help incorporate into the wedding design and even the entire guest experience.

What are some other trendy ways brides can incorporate Wisconsin Cheese into their big day?

Grazing tables served during cocktail hours are another popular wedding trend, and are a great way to make a cheese-centric statement. Lay artisan cheeses out on craft paper rolls with calligraphed names on the paper, and surround the cheeses with pairings of dried fruits, nuts, and meats to create a beautiful display for guests to have as a talking (and eating) point during cocktail hour.

FAQ answers provided by Sarah Sarbacker and Andrea VandeBerg of Cherry Blossom Events.

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