Driving Specialty Cheese Sales at Retail

The Power of Wisconsin Cheese

We have a shared goal - providing your customers with an exceptional cheese experience that drives specialty cheese sales and shopper satisfaction with your stores.  Using consumer insights and our shared knowledge, let's work together to bring the power of Wisconsin cheese to your store.

And if you’re looking for stories about places and people and delicious award-winning cheese, we have some of the best.

Why Wisconsin?

That’s an easy one…

Wisconsin is one of those places that does one thing better than anyone else anywhere.  We’ve been making cheese in Wisconsin for 180 years, which may be one reason we win so many awards for it.  Did you know almost half of the nation’s specialty cheese is made right here?  No other brand, association or region does more to drive consumer engagement and store traffic – we have over 92% share of voice among our state competitors.

Meet Our Makers

Wisconsin is where Makers become Masters

We've been making cheese longer than Wisconsin has been a state. Cheese is our thing. But when we created the Master Cheesemaker program, we had no idea the impact all that mastery would have. We couldn't foresee our dominance at award shows around the world, or that we would go on to make more kinds of cheese than anywhere else on the planet.

Meet the cheesemakers behind Wisconsin’s award winning cheese

About Us

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is a non-profit funded entirely by Wisconsin's dairy farm families as part of the national checkoff program.

Because 90% of Wisconsin's milk goes into making cheese and 90% of that cheese is sold outside Wisconsin, we're here working with you!  Cheese is our focus and our expertise.

We've created the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge to help you, and your customers, easily identify the brands and products produced in our state.  That brand is the key to all DFW merchandising and promotions.

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