We are not cheesemakers, we're cheese hotrodders. We like to put a twist on classics by asking"What if?" Starting with an inspiration, we experiment with different flavors, cultures and affinage techniques. Our goal is to imagine something unique-something shareable. Our cheeses are our family's kitchen counter creations come to life at the hands of some of Wisconsin's greatest Master Cheesemakers. We continuously tweak each recipe with our cheesemaking partners to create cheeses that are characterful, inspiring both the cheese lover and cheese professional with whimsical personality, creative flavor and consistent quality. For us, it's so important that we choose the best of the best every step of the way. Our cheeses start with nutrient rich milk from small, local family farms. The terroir of Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine offers these farmers' herds lush summer grazing, sweet winter feed and fresh limestone-filtered water. We keep it clean and simple-just adding salt, enzymes and cultures-to the fresh milk to stay true to time-honored cheesemaking traditions. For a kick of whimsy, we add fresh ground vanilla bean, dried habanero peppers, juniper berries, caraway seeds and black truffles to some;for others we bathe them in premium liqueurs. Underneath it all, Deer Creek cheeses are created with love. We're just as proud to share them with our own loved ones as we are to share them with you. They're our family's perfect gift, backed by life-long industry experience, passion for affinage and rigorous cheese grading programs. Every time you enjoy a Deer Creek cheese, you can feel confident that you're tasting something we feel is truly special.