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Living on Lake Time

July 20, 2022

Living on Lake Time
Something special happens when summer days, water and the shoreline meet. Time slows and good vibes are a guarantee. Add family or friends and a menu filled with the best cheeses in the world, and you’ll experience lake living at its finest. Wisconsin boasts over 15,000 lakes. Find your favorite, pack a bag and leave the meal planning to us. From laid-back mornings to dinners after a day exploring, your great getaway awaits.

woman reading

Capture a Sunrise or Sleep In 

Regardless of how you decide to spend the morning hours—on the deck with a cup of coffee, reading a book in a quiet corner or around the kitchen island in your pajamas—start your day off right with customizable egg cups for breakfast. Fresh eggs are blended with Canadian bacon, veggies and Henning’s Onion & Chive Cheddar cheese and baked in muffin cups, requiring little cleanup. Recognized globally for their aged and flavored cheddars, Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese consistently wins Gold awards for their cheddars at the U.S. and World Championship Cheese Contests. Consider making these egg cups with their award-winning Tomato Basil Cheddar cheese, too.

Customize Them

Follow our recipe or make these easygoing egg cups your way with the veggies, cheese or meat you prefer. Fresh fruit served on the side rounds out this morning meal.

cheddar bacon breakfast egg cups

Make it: Cheddar-Bacon Breakfast Egg Cups

three women picnicking on beach

Savor Lunch Surfside 

Take a break from the fun to recharge with a picnic lunch on a blanket with your besties. A simple cheese board whets appetites and encourages good conversation. Steak tacos wrapped in lettuce leaves and topped with lime crema, mango and savory blue cheese make a popular next course. Entertaining a veggie lover? Serve a colorful vegetable ribbon salad drizzled with an herby yogurt dressing and finished with fresh feta cheese. Skewered summer melon and fresh mozzarella bites provide a sweet ending to this midday story.

cheeseboard on picnic basket

Lunch on the Go

When packing a cooler, layer ice blocks and heavier items like cold drinks on the bottom. Pack fragile foods like lettuce leaves and fruit in containers to place on top. Fill in spaces with ice. Chilling everything beforehand ensures the cooler’s contents stay fresher longer.

grilled steak lettuce wraps

Make it: Grilled Steak Lettuce Wraps

vegetable ribbon salad with feta

Make it: Vegetable Ribbon Salad with Feta

melon and fresh mozzarella skewers

Make it: Melon and Fresh Mozzarella Skewers

two women walking along lake holding wine glasses

Enjoy the Happiest of Hours 

Reflect on a great day at the lake by easing into a glass of wine and elegant appetizers that’ll tide you over until dinner. Savor stone fruits like peaches stacked between creamy farmers cheese, in-season tomato slices and crispy capicola, or layer juicy plums and luscious, milky burrata atop delicate puff pastry to create a decadent tart. And don’t forget the highlight of this happy hour—a Mediterranean-inspired cheese platter abundant with famous Wisconsin cheese curds, Italian-style cheeses handcrafted by artisan cheesemakers, hummus, a mix of fresh and briny produce and more. With content bellies, a sunset stroll along the shoreline with a friend is how memorable moments are made.

cheeseboard and wine on picnic tabletop

Any Way You Slice It

Cheese is an ideal snack for the beach or a boat ride. It plays well with cocktails, wine or beer. Add it to recipes or simply chunk an aged cheddar on a cheese plate and serve with fruits and crackers.

sweet and savory caprese stacks

Make it: Sweet and Savory Caprese Stacks

fresh plum burrata tart

Make it: Fresh Plum-Burrata Tart

summer mezze platter

Make it: Summer Mezze Platter

four women eating food around 
a picnic table

Serve a Decked-Out Dinner 

Warm breezes and a sky starting to sparkle with stars are the perfect backdrop to an upscale alfresco dinner. Everyone is donning their best lake attire, and the deck is set for an unforgettable evening. What’s on the menu? Grilled shrimp skewers served alongside sweet basil corn salad with crumbly, salty cotija cheese or buttery, warm juustoleipia (also called bread cheese) and seasoned vegetables on top of chimichurri pasta. And consider our flame-kissed apricot and citrus-glazed chicken kabobs— this dish is sprinkled with pepper jack cheese just before serving, giving it a spicy finish. Finally, it’s time to raise a glass. Let’s cheers to good food, loved ones and a weekend at the lake well done!

plates of food on a picnic table

Set the Scene

Create ambiance by hanging string lights, lighting candles or setting tiki torches ablaze. Cut flowers in glass vases add pops of color to the tablescape. On a cool night, place a few blankets nearby to keep your crew cozy.

basil shrimp with sweet corn salad

Make it: Basil Shrimp with Sweet Corn Salad

grilled vegetables and juustoleipa

Make it: Grilled Vegetables and Juustoleipa Dinner

citrus glazed chicken and apricot kabobs

Make it: Citrus-Glazed Chicken and Apricot Kabobs


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