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Grate. Pair. Share. (33)

Serve a visual feast with restaurant-quality cheese plates bursting with colors, textures and flavors.

Celebrate our proud cheesemaking heritage and discover these delicious doings for cheese lovers.

Savor spicy pepper-spiked cheeses balanced with summer’s best ingredients in grilled dishes.

Get an insider’s look into three renowned cheese competitions, learn about a day in the life of a cheese judge, and discover four championship cheeses.

Named after French wine terms that mean ‘the best of the best,’ Roth Grand Cru® Surchoix, inspired by traditional Swiss gruyère, lives up to its moniker.

After winter’s long hibernation, the promise of spring awakens our culinary senses, beckoning us into the kitchen to create dreamy ricotta gnocchi.

In the 9,000 years since its creation, cheese has become a beloved food many of us can’t live without. That’s especially true in Wisconsin, where cheese is part of our cultural identity and everything we do here.

Any way you melt it, raclette should be on every foodie's wish list. This alpine-style cheese is a luxurious treat to savor and a fun culinary experience that begs to be shared

In Wisconsin, nothing says love like sharing artisan cheeses!

What’s old is new again when artisan cheeses handcrafted for modern palates transform nostalgic eats. We’ve revamped three classic bites by incorporating some of Wisconsin’s most creative cheeses with a few twists for an updated look and taste.

Discover an American Original so magical that even Santa may consider trading his milk and cookies for a cheese plate featuring chiseled slices of fruity, nutty and deliciously complex Gran Canaria®.

Whether hosting a few friends on the fly or a festive get-together of grand proportions, planning a great party is easy when you invite artisanal treasures from The State of Cheese.

Make this season’s meals more meaningful by setting a place at your holiday table for Wisconsin’s farmstead cheesemakers.

Loved ones? They’re gathered around the table. Turkey? It’s juicy, deep golden brown and beautiful. Standout 2022 World Championship cheeses? Bring on their award-winning flavors in stunning side dishes that’ll ensure a remarkable Thanksgiving feast.

Like a fine wine, bourbon, balsamic vinegar, your favorite pair of jeans and Grandma’s cast-iron skillet—cheddar cheese gets better with age.

Here in Wisconsin, there’s a palette of specialty cheeses from which you can paint your next culinary masterpiece. Cheese attributes like acidity, moisture, textures ranging from soft to hard, and flavors from mild to sharp assist the artist behind the apron in determining the right cheese to make any dish a standout.

The world’s most distinctive cheeses—many handcrafted in Wisconsin—share a common trait: a strong finish. Affinage, the final step in the cheesemaking process, is the art of aging cheeses.

Channel your inner Michelangelo and sculpt an edible work of art with the world’s best cheeses—from The State of Cheese.

As a great concert soloist can make a performance memorable, a fantastic cheese shines on its own. But accompany it with the symphony of flavors in a harvest sangria or brandy old-fashioned, and you have a delectable concerto.

Cheese is their canvas; your enjoyment is their muse. Meet three Wisconsin cheesemakers who are painting a new picture of artisan cheeses using innovative flavors, time-honored techniques and out-of-the-cheese-cube thinking.

Even when summer temperatures soar, these cool Wisconsin- crafted cheeses have a reputation for keeping their shape on a hot grill.

A passion for the environment combined with a love for artisan cheesemaking and collaboration is why Master Cheesemaker Bob Wills continues to be one of the most respected influencers in Wisconsin cheesemaking.

There’s something to be said for a good stretch, especially when making cheese. Let us introduce you to the pasta filata (meaning “spun paste” in Italian) family.

Just-picked sweet peas, crisp asparagus and delicate ramps—let farm-to-table produce combined with artisan cheeses be your inspiration for tasty meals this spring.

Yes, it’s true that in The State of Cheese, we have a delicious obsession with the milky and blissfully mild cheese curd.

With its deep river valleys, steep bluffs, and some of the world’s most highly decorated cheeses and cheesemakers—this is Wisconsin’s Driftless region.

Like the finest of wines, cheesemaking gets better with time. Especially when guarded family recipes and closely held techniques are combined with today’s innovative spirit. Here in Wisconsin, cheesemaking is often a family business.

Fellow cheese lovers, we have a lot to be thankful for this time of year in The State of Cheese—our families, our farmers and Wisconsin’s rich cheesemaking heritage. Celebrate this abundance of blessings with your most precious people around a table set with a harvest feast

It’s that time of year when our favorite symphony of flavors come into play—apple, cranberry, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and more. Always innovating and inspired, Wisconsin cheesemakers haven’t missed a beat using them to craft seasonal treasures you can’t help but fall for.

Something special happens when summer days, water and the shoreline meet. Time slows and good vibes are a guarantee. Add family or friends and a menu filled with the best cheeses in the world, and you’ll experience lake living at its finest.

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy and delicious. Especially when the season’s freshest flavors are combined with Wisconsin cheeses, such as Deer Creek® The Fawn, Odyssey® Traditional Crumbled Feta and La Bottega di BelGioioso® Crescenza-Stracchino™.

Ron Henningfeld of Hill Valley Dairy crafts cheeses that make people happy. From squeaky cheese curds to unique cheddars, he creates fun flavors meant to be enjoyed daily.

The best cheeseburgers start with melting artisan Wisconsin cheese on burgers, and then selecting a bread, a spread, a little something for crunch and topping with extras. Here are our five favorites. Try one, all or mix and match these ideas to create your own!