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Grill and Chill

June 13, 2023

Grill and Chill
Even when summer temperatures soar, these cool Wisconsin- crafted cheeses have a reputation for keeping their shape on a hot grill. They soften into sultry goodness when warmed but do not fully melt. Beat-the-heat characteristics like their acidity and moisture levels give these summer stunners the ability to withstand the flames. Crumble over or serve them alongside your favorite fire-kissed meals or try one of our sizzling recipes. 

Juustoleipa (bread cheese) 
This one’s crazy good served warm. Juustoleipa (also called “bread cheese”) is a very low-acid cheese that doesn’t melt, flow or stretch when grilled. Instead, it beautifully softens to buttery creaminess. Make it a meatless main dish or cut bread cheese into chunks or strips for salads and snacks. Top it with honey or jam for dessert. Carr Valley Cheese crafts several flavors; their Garlic Bread Cheese won Best of Class at the 2017 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest. 

Sometimes called the “parmesan of Mexico,” cotija cheese is a seriously delectable crumbler that’s often grated and sprinkled in dishes as an ingredient, seasoning or garnish. It’s salty with sharpness, on the dry side and slightly aged, rich milky and bold. Bring on major fresh flavor by stirring La Morenita® Queso Cotija cheese into salads, veggie risotto, or topping grilled entrées and farm-fresh corn. A citrusy margarita or Mexican lager balances its salty bite.

Queso Fresco 
This Hispanic-style cheese with a mild fresh cream yet slightly tangy and salty flavor begs to top warm and cold dishes. With its crumbly and moist texture, Wisconsin’s La Morenita™ Queso Fresco cheese provides the creamy finishing touch to grilled vegetables and meats, refried beans and street tacos. It’s delightfully refreshing with just enough acidity to brighten fruity salsas and desserts; try it with grilled fruits, fresh basil and a honey drizzle. 

Fresh, tart and pleasantly salty, feta cheese is ideal for summertime menus. It’s a conversation starter, too, because feta holds its shape when warmed. Brush a block with olive oil or marinade and grill it until the cheese softens. Add feta to roasted veggies with toasted baguette as an appetizer, salads, entrées and more. Odyssey® Traditional Feta cheese won Best of Class at the 2023 U.S. Championship Cheese and 2022 World Championship Cheese Contests.

 Crumble over or serve these cheeses alongside your favorite fire-kissed meals or try one of our sizzling recipes. 


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