4 Cheesy Recipes For The Ultimate Game Day Party

January 28, 2020

4 Cheesy Recipes For The Ultimate Game Day Party

We’re going to let you in on two secrets. Secret one: as much as we all love football, at least half the people at your Super Bowl party aren’t there for the game. They just want to chow down on some delicious game-day foods with friends, and don’t particularly care who wins.

Secret number two? Cheese is your game winning play to win over your eager and hungry party goers. We've compiled some of our favorite game day recipes to help you build the MVP of Super Bowl spreads.

The Spicy Game Day Cheese board

Salty and spicy is a game-winning combo, and this cheese board has it in spades. Don’t worry, this cheese board has something for the adventurous type and those who prefer to keep fiery foods away from their mouth. We’ve picked out five of our favorite cheeses that span the spicy scale from mild all the way up to “someone get me a glass of milk.”

Henning’s Hatch Pepper Cheddar: As the name suggests, Henning's Cheese took their classic white cheddar and infused it with real Hatch Chili peppers from Hatch, New Mexico. This is the ideal cheese for the friend who enjoys the occasional mild pepper but prefers to stay away from the spicy stuff. A definite crowd pleaser. 

Roth Jalapeno Havarti: We love havarti on its own because of its creamy and mild-yet-complex flavor. But what happens when you throw in some heat from jalapeño peppers? Well, for one, it kicks up the heat a few notches, but we saw that one coming a mile away. Surprisingly, it also adds some sweetness into the mix. Crazy, right? Try it and let us know what you think.

Carr Valley Glacier Wildfire Blue™: One of Carr Valley’s most recent creations, Glacier Wildfire Blue, is a deliciously smooth blue cheese made with Peperoncino peppers. This cheese is mild to medium on the heat scale, perfect for someone looking experience some fieriness without diving into the deep end. 

Delta Dream WisCajun™ Gouda: Say hello to a Wisconsin classic that took a trip to New Orleans and came back with some exciting Cajun style flavors. We think you’ll be surprised by just how well some southern-inspired spices go with the classically nutty gouda. Even if you’re not a typically a fan of Cajun food, we’d recommend putting this cheese in your starting lineup. We promise you’ll be back for seconds.

Eau Galle Cajun Cheese Curds: Gouda isn’t the only Wisconsin cheese that goes well with Cajun seasoning. The humble and squeaky cheese curd also benefits from a little extra kick. Eau Galle took a gentle approach to their Cajun seasoning here so don’t be intimated, --these cheese curds are still as adorable and approachable, if not a little sassier, as you remember. 

Recipe Tip: All these cheeses come in non-spicy varieties, so if you’re feeling intimidated by jalapeno in cheese you can opt for the regular varieties.

Get the full recipe, complete with recommended accompaniments and plating guide, here.

Bacon Cheeseburger Football Dip 

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you: this cheesy bacon dip is best served in bread bowl in the shape of a football—you know, just in case there was any confusion about this being a Super Bowl party. With only seven steps from start to finish, this is a dish that looks impressive but is secretly super easy. 

Henning’s Aged Cheddar: The MVP of this dip is without question Henning’s Aged Cheddar. Although we’d happily enjoy this complex and rich cheese on its own, it’s the perfect match for a mouthwatering dip. Some aged cheddars might overpower other flavors, but Henning’s Aged Cheddar is a team player, striking a great balance of flavor and subtlety. 

Crystal Farms Original Cream Cheese: If there’s one thing that everyone has strong opinions on, it’s their favorite cream cheese. If you ask us, Crystal Farms scored a touchdown with their original cream cheese. Smooth and spreadable with plenty of fluff, it’s truly everything you could ask for out of a cream cheese.

Recipe Tip: Can’t find Henning’s Aged Cheddar or Crystal Farms Cream Cheese? No worries, you can substitute any brand of Wisconsin Cheese—just look for the Proudly Wisconsin Badge™.

Get the full recipe and cooking guide here.

Soft Parmesan Pretzels

These parmesan pretzels are like kickers after missing an easy field goal: you’ll see them for just a few moments before they’re gone. Once that oven opens and the smell of fresh, warm parmesan pretzels starts wafting around the house, you can only guess what happens. That’s right: you’ll be tackled in a mad dash to get to these cheesy carbs.

Stella® Parmesan cheese: A Wisconsin take on an old-world classic, there’s really no going wrong with topping nearly anything with grated parmesan – and Stella Parmesan is one of the best. The parmesan adds a layer of depth and subtle nuttiness to these soft, salty pretzels that takes everything to the next level.

Recipe Tip

Recipe Tip: Every pretzel deserves a dip. If the clock is running out in the fourth quarter of your party planning, you can opt for a classic stone ground mustard, but our Warm Beer-Cheese Dip is a must-try. 

Get the full pretzel recipe and baking guide here, and the recipe for our warm beer-cheese dip here.

Philly Cheesesteak Sheet-Pan Nachos

Is there anything more satisfying than a fresh-out-of-the-oven nachos loaded with Wisconsin cheese? We don’t think so. Put another way, if we were trapped on an island where we were only allowed one variation of nachos to eat (the horror), our Philly Cheesesteak Sheet-Pan Nachos would be our pick.

Burnett Dairy® Mozzarella: Irresistibly melty and smooth, no nachos would be complete without being topped with a very generous serving of grated mozzarella. Why Burnett Dairy? Their award-winning mozzarella is one of our favorites for its delicate and milky flavor -- a perfect contrast to the salty, crunchy, spicy nacho experience.

Weyauwega Star Dairy Provolone: you can imagine provolone as on the same team as mozzarella, but just playing a different position. Provolone is made with different cultures that result in a firmer cheese with a more assertive flavor—exactly what we want topping our nachos. Weyauwega Star Dairy has been making cheese for four generations and with provolone this good, it shows. Fun fact: Weyauwega Star Dairy has the world record for longest string cheese, measuring in at 1.5 miles long.

Recipe Tip: No need to worry about soggy nachos! If you bake at the recommended temperature of 400°F, everything will stay nice and crispy.

Get the nachos recipe and cooking guide here.


No matter what team is named champion, these recipes are surefire winners. If you’re eager to pick something else that suits your style, choose from our selection of over 300 handcrafted recipes featuring Wisconsin cheese. Share your Super Bowl spread with us on Instagram or Facebook and become part of the largest cheese community in the world.


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