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it doesn't get much better than a warm bit of bread slathered with a cool layer of cheese spread. Whether it's a naturally spreadable cheese like quark cheese or a mixture with cheese, garlic, onions, and bacon, cheese spread should be considered one of the greatest inventions in culinary history.

In Wisconsin, we're pretty serious about cheese – so we're pretty gung-ho about cheese spread. We layer it on all the usual stuff – crackers, baguettes, English muffins, and bagels – but we'll also pair cheese bread with sliced pears, potato pancakes, hash browns, and baked chicken dishes.

So, come on everybody – hats off to whoever invented this delectable addition to the world of cheese.

How to make your own cheese spread

You can make cheese spread out of almost any semi-soft or semi-hard cheese type. In Wisconsin, our cheesemakers have crafted amazingly tasty cheese spreads using everything from blue cheese and pungent limburger to brick cheese and beer cheese to pepper jack and fontina.

But of course, one of the best ways to enjoy cheese spread is to make your own, and the variety of recipes is endless. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Muenster Cheese spread, with Wisconsin cream cheese and muenster cheese, along with chives, horseradish, and crumbled bits of bacon.
  • Creamy Brick Cheese spread, with cream cheese and mild brick cheese along with minced onions, chives, and hot pepper sauce.
  • Wisconsin Cheese Lovers Spread, with assorted types of cheese, combined with chives, white wine, thyme, alongside crackers to eat it with.

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FAQs: What is cheese spread?

What is cheese spread?

Cheese spread is a processed food where one or more semi-hard or semi-soft cheeses are combined with other ingredients like vegetables, meat, fruits, seasonings, and spices, as well as ingredients, to enjoy on crackers or bread.

How is cheese spread made?

Cheese spread is typically made with one or more varieties of pasteurized cheese, along with additional ingredients for flavor and food additives like emulsifiers and food stabilizers that make the product easy to spread and that limit separation.

Wisconsin cheese spread? Splendid!

Next time you're picking up cheese spread for your dinner party, pre-game feast, or afternoon snack, make sure it's got a Proudly Wisconsin Cheese ™ badge on the label. That's how you know that whatever flavor you choose, it's going to be the best cheese spread on the planet.

Here's the deal: in Wisconsin, our cheesemakers have been making amazing cheese for 175 years – that's even longer than Wisconsin has been a state. And that's a lot of time to get it right, which is why our cheese guys and gals have won more awards than any other state or country. We also produce more flavors, varieties, and styles of cheese – over 600 and counting, including a mind-boggling variety of cheese spreads – than any other place on earth.

So, go ahead and layer that Wisconsin cheese spread on thick. Your taste buds deserve a flavor party.

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