Feta cheese: go on, soak up the sun

When you bite into the briny, creamy goodness of a Wisconsin made feta cheese, it's like you're transported to a sun-splashed seaside on a fabled Greek island. Despite Feta being the national cheese of Greece, our cheesemakers have perfected the super tart and tasty fresh taste of this cheese, right here in the state of Wisconsin. It can easily be crumbled, blended, melted, or sliced to suit your culinary whims. Feta is one of those cheeses that can brighten up any room or any dish – almost everything is better and sunnier with a little feta cheese.

Traditional feta is made with sheep or goat's milk, but Wisconsin cheesemakers use cow's milk for a lighter, less gamy flavor. Either way, we think feta is pretty fine.

How to have fun with feta

There is maybe no better appetizer on the planet than feta, garlic, and olives drizzled with olive oil and splashed with lemon. Feta is essential to Greek salads, and roasted beets are just warm vegetables until you sprinkle them with feta and scallions. We think feta is a great alternative complementary flavor to mozzarella on pizzas and flatbreads, and feta atop a lamb burger is nothing short of life-changing. You can also whip up a great feta cheese dip or cheese spread by mixing it with olive oil and Greek yogurt – slather it on pita and you're good to go.

When taking this tangy cheese for a drink, feta naturally loves Greek retsina wine or ouzo, but any crisp and bright beer or wine will make feta sparkle – try a pilsner, lager, pinot gris, or Grüner Veltliner.

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FAQs: What is feta?

What is feta?

Feta, the most famous of Greek-style cheeses, is a brined curd white cheese type that is traditionally made from sheep's milk, or a combination of sheep and goat's milk. However, our Wisconsin cheesemakers use cow's milk to craft the perfect flavor and texture. Feta has a crumbly texture and is produced in square cakes with no rind. Feta's tangy, salty flavor is the result of aging this soft cheese in a mixture of whey and brine for 2 to 12 months. The longer it ages, the sharper and saltier it becomes.

Are there different kinds of feta?

While Greek feta is the most well-known variety there are several different types of cheese that also are marketed as feta. Bulgarian feta is saltier and creamier than the Greek original, while French feta is less briny, with a milder flavor and creamier texture. Wisconsin feta is always a crowd pleaser as it is less assertive, tart or gamy, a bit lighter, and a whole heck of a lot fresher than its European counterparts as its made right here in the state of cheese.

Why is feta sold in brine?

Feta is traditionally sold submerged in a container of salty brine – the same solution that it's aged in. The brine in the packaging keeps the cheese from drying out before it is served. However, brine is not always necessary for this fabulous cheese. Wisconsin feta is sold in a variety of ways including cryovac packaging as well as in crumbles!

Wisconsin is famous for feta. Seriously.

When you need your fix of feta, Wisconsin can hook you up with some of the finest feta cheese this side of Kefalonia. Our feta is made of cow's milk, so it's a bit lighter and less assertive than the Greek stuff. But it's also way fresher since it doesn't have to navigate the Mediterranean or cross the Atlantic on its way to your fridge.

And here's the fun thing about Wisconsin feta – it's all part of our plan to be the #1 place for cheese in the world. Every Wisconsin cheesemaker is obsessed with making the tastiest, highest-quality, most award-winning cheese in the known universe.

Our 1,200 cheesemakers produce more than 600 varieties, styles, and types of cheese – twice as much as any other state. And our 5,500+ awards for cheesemaking are more than any other state or country in the world – more than Italy, France, Germany and, yes more than Greece.

So, when you pick up pack of Wisconsin feta from the grocery aisle, you know you're getting a fine hunk of creamy white goodness made by some of the most famous cheesemakers in the world. ‘Cause in Wisconsin, that's just the way the feta crumbles.

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