3 Flavored Butter Recipes For Cheese Lovers

December 21, 2020

3 Flavored Butter Recipes For Cheese Lovers

Anyone who’s had a fresh-out-of-the-oven dinner roll smeared with salted butter can tell you that butter makes everything taste better. This is especially true when you’re using butter made right here in America’s Dairyland. During the holiday season and beyond, using high-quality butter is the key to making standout meals and baked goods you and your guests will remember as legendary.

In Wisconsin, we love our butter any way it appears, but if you’re looking to take a recipe to the next level in just a few steps, we firmly believe flavored butters are the easiest way to do it. It's an idea made famous by the French with Beurre Maître de Hôtel (the Maitre d's Butter) where parsley and lemon were whipped into butter and the resulting pats placed on a sizzling tenderloin steak.  Whether you're spreading it on bread or dolloping it onto a sizzling steak and warm veggies, our compound butter recipes are full of aromatic herbs and Wisconsin Cheese that will guarantee happy taste buds. 

Wisconsin Cheese inspired flavored butters

Fresh Pear and Blue Cheese Butter

Pears and blue cheese is one of our favorite cheese pairing combinations, so we decided to use it as the basis for an intensely flavorful and creamy compound butter. Roth’s Buttermilk Blue is a particularly mild and creamy blue, so even if you or one or two of your guests are not blue-ievers, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this cheese. It's a great starter cheese and a perfect partner to our beloved butter.

This compound butter is ideal for melting onto the hot crust of a freshly seared steak, but it's equally at home atop some roasted butternut squash or baked sweet potatoes. 

Featured cheese

Roth Buttermilk Blue®: Meet Roth Cheese’s flagship blue cheese: Buttermilk Blue. Aged for two months before reaching your plate, this blue is the perfect contender for making a flavored cheese-filled butter.

Get the recipe for our Fresh Pear and Blue Cheese Butter.

Zesty Lemon and Dill Havarti Butter

With its bright, citrusy notes, this compound butter will transport you to a late summer day in the rolling hills of Wisconsin’s Driftless region. This recipe is easy to make and tastes far more impressive than the effort that goes into it—just beat the ingredients together and let the flavors mingle. 

Another thing we love about this compound butter is that it pairs with just about anything. We recommend having our Zesty Lemon and Dill Havarti Butter with steamed veggies, mashed potatoes, fresh pasta, or just spread onto a flaky biscuit. Take it to a holiday potluck and watch your friends swoon!

Featured cheese

Roth Dill Havarti:  Few cheeses have the universal appeal of havarti. After all, what’s not to love? Its balanced and rich flavor is surpassed only by the impeccably smooth texture that will have you heading for seconds. Adding that dash of dill makes it festive and, something we didn't think was possible, even more delicious.

Get the recipe for our Zesty Lemon and Dill Havarti Butter.

Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar Butter

Tis’ the season for fresh cranberries! We’ve amped up the traditional cranberry butter recipe with some honey and a generous portion of cranberry-and-chipotle-infused cheddar for the perfect sweet-yet-spicy combination. Whether smeared on cornbread or tossed with green beans, every bite is met with a burst of juicy cranberry followed by a smoky, warm finish with just a little kick. We love Carr Valley’s Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar, but any Wisconsin cranberry cheddar cheese can be substituted.

Featured Cheese

Carr Valley Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar: This award-winning artisanal cheese starts as a white cheddar before the cheesemakers at Carr Valley add fresh cranberries and chipotle peppers for a unique twist. Imagine the essence of Texas barbecue mixed into a beautiful Wisconsin white cheddar, and you’ll be close to what this cheese delivers.

Get the recipe for our Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar Butter.

Butter adventure awaits!

If these flavored butter recipes have got you hungry for something more substantial, try our selection of over 400 handcrafted recipes featuring Wisconsin Cheese. Share your cheesy creations with us on Instagram or Facebook and become part of the largest cheese community in the world. Don’t forget to read our latest Holiday issue of Grate.Pair.Share where you’ll find even more recipes, stories, and Thanksgiving tips.

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