North Hendren Cooperative Dairy Co. is a small cooperative dairy established in 1923, and owned by 24 local farmers in Willard, Wisconsin, located in Clark County, the leading county in Wisconsin in terms of milk production and dairy farms. Their blue cheese, smoked blue cheese and gorgonzola cheese is made with individuality, and their recipes are well guarded. "We're not one of the largest, but we produce quality products that we put all of our pride into." They produced their first vat of blue cheese in February 2001, and their reputation for exceptional quality was almost immediate as evidenced by the numerous national awards bestowed on their cheese. The cheese emits an earthy flavor, beautiful veining and a rich, creamy texture. It can stand alone on the table, or enhance favorite foodservice applications such as salad dressings and gourmet sauces. From blue to gorgonzola, their high quality standards reach far from the farm to your table. The employees and patrons are committed to crafting extraordinary cheeses for everyone to enjoy!